Credit installments may be postponed for 3 months in connection with a coronavirus

Loans can be suspended for three months. The epidemic threat in Poland has caused banks to address the problems that may arise when paying back mortgages. The Association of Polish Banks recommended solutions in the coronavirus related Act that would enable credit holidays for investment, mortgage and cash loans. Futher reading at 3 months Read More

A loan based on your terms

  It is better to have an optimistic approach to life on a daily basis, but being aware of negative marketing will definitely not hurt. Everyone should be prepared for a sudden collapse of financial stability to cope with a situation that turns the current peace and planned budget upside down. In the case of Read More

What is a student loan?

  Do you need extra money as a student, for example for your driver’s license or internship abroad? Then you can borrow money in the form of a student loan at the bank. The loan form of student loans differs from bank to bank, just like the amount that you can borrow. Maximum student credit Read More

How do banks hide credit commissions?

Hard times have come for banks – fierce competition, low-interest rates, bank taxes and commission returns on loans repaid earlier, but despite this their income is not falling, and if so – to a small extent. How do they earn money? Of course, on hidden commissions! Everything for free (almost). Personal accounts are free, as Read More

Living without a credit card is possible

Like most consumers, you think having credit cards is handy. Worse yet, you may feel that living without them is literally impossible! Really? Reminder of the dangers associated with these credit instruments and some advice to learn how to do without them. Nearly 76 million credit cards are in circulation in Canada. However, according to Read More

Here is Bank Real Estate Loan

Good Finance, like many other banks, has created its own online bank, to satisfy customers who are fans of “everything online”. She named this e-bank: Good Credit Bank. We have chosen today to talk to you about the mortgage loan it offers. Conditions for obtaining the mortgage Good Credit bank First of all, you will Read More

How to get an Online Credit Check?

As a service-oriented portal, we offer you the option of a free and non-binding online credit comparison. In this way, “Germany’s cheapest online loan” with minus three percent interest to work. What you need to know about instant loans, providers and comparisons. Here we present the provider and show you what experiences we have made Read More